When I was a child my parents and the teachers at elementary school teached me that the thiefs go to jail, usually. Not in Italy, unfortunately, as the events show! This is the fact: Mr. Guarguaglini is the Chairman of Finmeccanica that is the second largest industrial group and the largest of the hi-tech industrial groups based in Italy, partially owned by the Italian government, which holds about 30% of the Company’s shares. The ex (he resigned yesterday) President and his wife (Marina Grossi, Ceo of Selex, one of the companies of the group) are accused of creating slush funds to be used to corrupt politicians and other illegal matters. Now the topic is that he will receive about 5,5 milion euros as fee for the job that he made. A very good job, if he will be rewarded! That’s possible only in Italy; italians a “people of Saints, Heroes, Sailors” and… various spivs. A reward for everyone, come to Italy!
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