Last Sunday, the Italian premier Mario Monti gave an interview to the German weekly Der Spiegel; among all the things that he said a big sensation, all over the world, came out from this sentence: “Every government also has the duty to educate parliament.” The immediate reaction in Germany was that this sentence has been seen as an attack to the sovereignty of the Parliament and, justifiably reaction has seen to the end of the honeymoon between Germany and the Italian premier. In Italy, some parties have had the same reaction, mainly ex premier Silvio Berlusconi’s party, because if Berlusconi himself had made the same comment, the other parties would immediately have demanded his resignation. Monti has been obliged to clarify that there was a misunderstanding, however this has been classified as a bad slip. And what about the stock market? Everybody was expecting another punishment for this declaration, however nothing happened. What a surprise! Who knows  why? Maybe because Monti is one of the puppets of the same financial powers that control the stock market? Who knows! Maybe, just maybe… 😉

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