The “incipit” of the national French anthem, the “Marseillaise” has been all over the newspapers and the internet sites of the world since yesterday evening, when it became clear that the new French President of Republic was to be François Hollande. All the heads of Government of the most important countries have offered their congratulations to the new President as if he were the Saviour of the world. And you could say: “It’s normal!”, and yes, “it’s normal”, or at least it would be, if until the day before they hadn’t shaken  hands with his opponent Nicolas Sarkozy. Even here in Italy, obviously! Each of the party leaders have said that this new President is the best choice that France could have made. Hypocrisy apart the only thing we can say is: we hope so! The priggish people say that he will be the leader of a new way of thinking in Europe, opposite to the politics of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who, they say, is the reason why the european economy isn’t growing during this period of crisis. Now, in my opinion it is true that the german Chancellor isn’t a good european leader, nevertheless I don’t think that her economic politics is the main reason why our economy isn’t growing. The real causes should be found in Anglo-American economic politics, in other words the political strategies that the financial groups decided sometime ago, as I have said before. So it could be that Hollande will be the right man in the right place at the right moment, but a change of German leadershipis also necessary. It’s necessary that a new German leader along with the new French one, will decide to transform Europe into a real and concrete political union, otherwise there will be no solution for the future of the Old Continent and I can’t see another choice for China and Usa too. They well know that the American economy can’t be the leader in the world, as in the past. So… allons enfants de la Patrie le jour de gloire est arrivé… espérons…
Eugène Delacroix – La liberté guidant le peuple
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