Hello to everybody, hello to the world. This is Italy, the new country of the future or the country of the dead people. Yes, because, as I already had written many times, this is a country without a future, through and through. The “new” Government, the Government of the “technicians” arrived several months ago, as the rescuer of Italy after the devastating period of Berlusconi, has been supported by all the parties that hadn’t been able to solve all the social and economic problems of the country. I already had written about Mario Monti and I don’t want to say more about him and the financial groups whom he belongs to. He asked for a very hard taxation and many sacrifices to the italian people, without equity. 10% of Italian population owns 60% of the wealth of the country and he didn’t required to that 10% to pay more than other people, retired persons above all. People are killing themselves because they don’t find a job or because they must close their activities, firing other people. Many times the cause is because banks don’t give them money to support their companies or because public administration don’t pay them their services, even if  the State administration demands the taxes from them. Monti’s Government has no ideas about how to promote the economic growth and try to find other persons, other “technicians”, to find the way to “cut” the public spending. This is incredible! They asked to common people to suggest on the internet site of the Government how to reduce the wastes. All these people are always the same, from many years, the same old faces, with the same old economical compensations, paid by common people. The Saviors of the country, old men with old ideas, without ideas about the way to escape from the crisis. Maybe that the only new way could be the civic movement sponsorised by an italian comedian, Beppe Grillo, who supports young people in civic slates and that the old parties have immediatly called as anti politics.  I don’t think so, even because our politicians are a group of people who mostly have became members of parliament just because they had been friends of somebody into the parties and not because they had been elected by people. Unskilled people in the wrong place. Just it. It’s time to change, it should be so, it’s the only way to come out from a such situation like this. In our poor country all politicians  are waiting for the French election: they are looking for François Hollande as the savior of Europe, against the nearsight Angela Merkel, the woman who can destroy the future of the old continent. By the way: Hollande is a French politician, not italian and I have many doubts that he can be a new François Mitterrand. The only thing to say at the moment is: escape from this boat, it is sinking!
Post mortem Catilinae Romani Ciceronem patrem patriae salutaverunt et ei magnos onores comparaverunt.
After the death of Catalina, Romans called Cicerone savior of the country and gave him many honours.
Gaio Sallustio Crispo –


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