Sometimes in life it is necessary to be rude for surviving and the results of being like that can be only two: or you will be succeed or you’ll fail. Nevertheless could be necessary to risk the second result to give to himself the possibility to survive. This is the present condition of Europe, in my opinion. This is the time of choises, this is the time to understand the path we want for our future, this is the time to prove that more than 2000 years of history have given good fruits. The world is fantastic, full of every kind of opportunities and diversities, some of which are good and some not. It’s up to us make the appropriate choices, even if they could seem to us the more difficult and dangerous. Sometimes the good father of family has to decide what is better for his children, even if they could cry for a while, even if he can loose one of the best of them! Sometimes it is necessary for the good of the others to separate the destiny of the “teacher’s pet”. So it is time to decide for Germany: staying in Europe, leading it as one political identity, or let to the other nations to do a real political union that is the only way to survive. There isn’t more time to delay this decision,or Europe will destroy itself, with satisfaction for all those powers who are the cause of its decline. What people should understand is that can’t be a future in a globalised world without a political unity, speaking to the others with one voice, taking decisions with one will, acting as one body. We are not a single people (we should be like that, even if we have a different-common history) and this is our vulnerability. Together we could be a great power, divided we are a fragile rabble. So, if the older sister can’t or won’t get married, should let to the others to do it and not punish them with damaging rules and prohibitions. With or without you, said a famous song by U2: yes, with or without you, it’s time or could be too late!

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