The necessity of change is the basis for everything in nature: the caterpillar changes its skin to become a wonderful butterfly, the grain must lose the chaff for giving the fruit, the wort will become a very good wine. Even mankind changes skin every second in his life, without notice it. So change is the start point for the new. Changing its own point of view is the real revolutionary act of mankind. In Philosophy, for instance, every new kind of thought is the fruit of those before: Plato  has made “parricide” against Parmenides. In Art and Music is the same: Giotto is the “son” of Cimabue, Bach for some kind of composition is the “son” of Vivaldi. With or without a “father” the change is the subject of our life. Who doesn’t change is a dead man walking, that’s his own destiny. Only stupid men don’t change at all during their life! I have known a lot of those and I have been always amazing about their short sight. All those who say to be the new without changing their image for a long time have their destiny written in their path: stay away from them, be careful!
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