When I was a child I used to watch a very funny tv program, called “It’s a knock out” (the original title was Jeux sans frontières): it was a game among some european nations with funny judges for each nation (for Italy they were Gennaro Olivieri and Guido Pancaldi) to control that the challanges were conforming to the rules. It was another time and it was another world! Now times are changed and the games that are taking place are completely different. The Stock Market influences decisions and organizes the Agenda of Governments all over the world. As soon as there are signs of changment from the direction that they have decided the stock value goes down immediately.Is like the game of the carrot and the stick: the more you want to be autonomous in your choice and the more they give you a hit. It has become an international game, and the players are on both the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. So it’s easy to understand how things are going on: as soon as a player seems to escape from their rules, they hit with the Stock Market. I.E. in Italy, there is an election period, one of the many who had taken place in the last years, and to let the “right” choice to the voters, clear signals are arrived from the Finance about who are the right candidates fit to lead the country. The same is for Spain: you can’t play a game by yourself, the game is without borders and they (bankers and financial companies) want to establish their own rules for all the players. The question is: who has decided to give them the ball? Why people should play with their rules? It’s time to play with our own rules in each country in both shores of the Ocean. Each State can play with its own way to play, without a master who should say what and how to do. 1984 it’s a famous novel by George Orwell that is the vision of a future society totally tyrannized by the Party and its totalitarian ideology. The strong Powers are the Big Brother of Orwell, today.I wish a future of independence, where everybody can choose his own destiny, being free to play a game, the game of life, with freedom. So, let’s go back to Jeux sans frontières!

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