One thing that has always moved me, since I was a child is talent. I think that whoever has qualities, in every field of doing things of mankind, gives to humanity a great treasure. I have always thought that everyone of us has a duty, that is to give to others the result of his own possibilities, and I say this in a secular meaning because I’m an atheist. I’m referring not only to the geniuses who appeared on Earth during the short life of this civilization, but also to all the people who have talent in every kind of knowledge, from the good artisan to the good athlete, from the talented actor to the competent doctor, from the good artist to the good teacher and so on. The names of those people who we usually call geniuses are the best among all those people who have talent, in every field and they remain a part of History forever, but they are few compared to the others that sometimes are just a little bit less talented. So we think about Socrates and Phidias, or Giotto and Peter Abelard, Dante and Geoffrey Chaucer, Vivaldi and Bach, rather than Marie Curie and Max Planck and so on, but they are not the only people who gave and are giving us emotions and sensations. Looking at a “maestro” who brings out from an unidentified mass of sodium carbonate, aluminium oxide and other components a perfect form of an artistic object of wonderful glass is a sort of magic; or “coming to life again” due to the talent of a good doctor who understands how to save our lives in a difficult moment, sometimes looks like a miracle. Listening to an angelic voice while singing wonderful words rather than seeing a fast and steady hand drawing a dream, making it real gives me a deep emotion and suggests to me that this is the only reason why it’s worth living our own lives!
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