Let’s try to summarize what has happened in the last 30 years, more or less. In 1989, on November the 9th, the wall of Berlin fell down. In 1991, on December the 25th, Michail Gorbačëv resigned as leader of USSR. The day after the Supreme Soviet declared the break up of USSR, that had been created in 1922. That was the end of an era and the beginnig of the victory of Capitalism, all over the world. That was the beginning of the Globalisation too and the undisputed domain of the Finance, even in China, the last communist leading country. We could talk about the Trilateral Commission that founded the Crisis of democracy since 1979, but if you want you can take a view about this at this address. What we can discuss about in this post is that from the fallen of USSR all the plans of few people, the strong powers of Finance, started establishing the future of the world. It’s no accident that from that time many wars broke out and a new order established itself. Even the tragedy of the World Trade Center is part of that plan, on my opinion and not only on it. You can think what you want about american people, but they have certainly a strong tradition of free way of thinking and of criticism towards themselves, too. This is a sort of contradiction that make me hope about their capacity to create the antibodies inside their society itself. Occupy Wall street is one of those antibodies. However, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Europe should be the same kind antibody and should be a new politician leading class, that would be able to help people to take their lifes back, in their hands. The examples of Greece and Spain are only two signals of the power of the Markets, the new Gods of the modern world. If our politicians will not able to give new answers to the direction that the Masters of the world had established some years ago there will be a long dark period in the history of the umanity. Aristotle in the second book of Politics said that the life of the State isn’t in one unity of thinking, in the tyranny given from the high, because it will be the distruction of the State itself. It’s up to us make this point of view our, or we’ll be on a point of no return, forward the social and human disaster.
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