I have read a post, of an old friend” of mine, that said: “Let’s go: let’s change this old, old, old country” referring to Italy. She was talking about the situation of women into the italian society and into the italian market of job. I think that this appeal should be the same for every kind of social fields in Italy. Our country is an old one, but not referring to the history that, on the contrary, is the only thing that should be preserved for the future, but referring to the institutions, to the chiefs of our parties, to the public administration, to the professors at universities, to the way of thinking about the future of this country! This old way of thinking to the future for a modern nation is the worst visiting card into the global world. There isn’t future if you don’t care education, research, growth, social welfare, social equity. This old country hasn’t put attention to all those instruments needed to go out from the long night of the crisis. One day, before or later, the crisis will be over and only who has prepared himself for this moment will be able to lead people to another kind of perspectives, thinking in a different way, considering the future for humanity completely different. We need of a new renaissance, like that we had during the XIV  and XV centuries: during that period Italy have had other kind of men, men who thought forward, to the future, that had another vision of the world, a new one. This is the biggest difference between those men and these of our days: the look over the new generations, over the new in general and not over the own privilege, over the own short sight. We’d need of a light, someone with a “shining” into his/her mind. A new kind of italian! It depends only on ourself: “Let’s go, let’s change this old, old, old country”!
Thank you my “friend”…
Rembrandt – The night Watch
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