Just few considerations about the near future we’re starting to live. Are we convinced to want to live in a world like that we have just leaved last year? I’m not talking about all the bloody wars that somebody is fighting now somewhere or about poor people who are dying or suffering now: they were there last year too, and the year before and so on… When we wish people we love an “happy new year” we mean that all the bad things that they could have lived will disappear in their life. This is normal, but what I mean is: what kind of future we want build for ourself and for the future generations? A future without values (and I talk about values without rethoric, in the most lay meaning of the word) where money will be the main path on which to build society? Is there equity into our society anymore? In the France of eighteenth century a deprivation of civil rights, of equity, of sense of limit, gave the boost to a epoch-making changing. The same should be now, in our society. We shouldn’t allow to few people to make our lifes worst, to allow them to make us living in a world like them have programmed for us. Economy is a basic part of our society, but its transformation into Finance brought a changing into relationship between people and money. Once, money was a way to reach some goals in the life of people, now is a value and like that is one of the actors of our living, or better is the most important actor now! Now financers decide about politics, about economy, about food, about the way we can live and who can survive into the world. On my personal point of view this is unbelievable. The human being is the object now and not jet the subject into  society. We take care about the last kind of smartphone and we don’t take care of the homeless who is dying on the street, beside our house. Thousand of people lose their job and we take care about what markets are thinking about the “spread” between government securities of different countries. I think that civil society, everywhere in the world, should rebuild the way on whom should go on. The resources are limited on Earth, however they are enough for all. The rich Economies can’t go forward this direction, not into their markets and not into the countries they are plundering too. We should put the human being at first point of our list of essencial things to do for this year. It is a matter of life or death!
Good year to everybody and good luck! We need of it.
Gabriele Arveda – Cristo
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