The future of Europe is strongly conditioned by the crisis, but not only. We have analised the reason why the crisis is on the european nations; we have talked about the strong economical interests of America and the political schemes set up by american istitutions, however they don’t explain until the bottom the future situation. I’m strongly convinced that could be a future for Europe only if all the nations will decide to leave many of their own caracteristic prerogatives for a new political and economical subject: the united nations of Europe. It’s very hard for the ancient continent to decide to give up to centuries of history, traditions, political decisions, power, conflicts, fights that have been the main characteristic during more than 2000 years. I don’t think that will be another way to come out from this difficult situation. Alas the main obstacle is the present political leadership, expecially in Germany and France. Angela Merkel, the german chancellor, seems not to be at the same level of her “political father”, Helmut Kohl. This one was the main actor of the reunion of Germany, as follower of the Ostplitik of Willy Brandt, and political scandals apart, maybe the most capable political man that Germany has had in the last 30/40 years. We can’t say for sure that a woman or a man like him could have been more adapted to understand the path to lead Europe towards a different future, but Angela Merkel seems not to be able to do it. She comes from a scientific education and she has had a shortsighted vision about the integration of Turkey into the EU, making the adversion against this possibility as one her strong point during the political elections of 2003. She was also in favour of the invasion of Iraq like an “inevitable action” and she strongly accused the chancellor Gerhard Schröder to be an anti-american. So the figure of this political leader is quite disputable, especially if we consider that is the leader of the main economy in Europe and of the leading country aswell. More atypical seems to be the french President Nicolas Sarkozy. Degree in law and political science, he has a mixture of decisionism typical of the Torys and openings typical of neoliberal parties. Nevertheless he hasn’t the political highness to lead Europe towards a very difficult, but necessary union. I don’t mention the United Kingdom, ‘cause it’s a peculiar story that of the relationship between UK and USA against Europe. Nothing to say, unfortunately, about Italy: we don’t have a such leading figure to push up the other nations towards this kind of changing. And isn’t a such figure our prime Minister Mario Monti, capable to reach this goal. So, we must just hope for a new generation of leaders, but not so far in the future, because we don’t have so much time to wait for.
Pieter BruegelTurmbau zu Babel

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