We know, the situation is very hard everywhere in the world: the crisis is a global problem. All over the world there are thousand of unemployed people, poor people, youngs without a future… Nevertheless survives the strong protest of people, despite of the continuous attempt of the strong powers to switch it off. In a such difficult situation like this, one time the Church, the catholic Church would have been with who protests against injustice and for freedom from poverty, but those times were the times of Saints and good intentions. Two opposite positions about this hard economic period have been taken by catholic Church: from one side there is the Church of Rome that won’t pay taxes over it’s huge quantity of real estate owned in Italy, while poor people must pay more than rich people, according to the decision taken by the new Government of the prime Minister Mario Monti; on the other side there is the Episcopal bishop George E. Packard, that was among more than 50 people arrested after the Occupy Wall Street movement stormed another New York City park, in an attempt to find a new home. This is the Church I like, this is the “real” Good Shepherd!
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