Sometimes in the life of an human being there are moments in which it’s important to understand which way to follow, and these moments are the most difficult that you have ever had in your life.
Sometimes you haven’t the mental clarity to understand what help you to come out from this situation so the best way it’s to learn from your own experiences and values that you have learnt from what you have studied, from what you have absorbed from the classics, from the milestones of your culture.
Rebuilding a soul is a very complex job, but as all the hardest things it’s easier to start from the origin. So, my personal experience says to me to start from here again: ancient greek and roman writers, philosophy, literature, history, art, music. All the things that I’ve loved, I have learnt, should be my way to rebuilt myself, my soul. What is a man? He’s the result of his experiences, of his culture, of his feelings, of his sensations. The love for beauty, for culture, for curiosity for knowledge: without these is there anymore a reason to survive? I think not!
So I have decided to try again from here: THE MUSIC, PHILOSOPHY, HISTORY, ART, LITERATURE, and many others. Could be a good start to try to survive! I’ll check!
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