What a surprise! Yes, the truth won. The common good triumphed. We are all brothers and we love each other. However the patient is dead.
Yes the patient is dead because of it was already planned. As I told here. Now there is the second part of the plan: the complete privatisation of the State, they will sell it completely. And all the others in Europe now will say: the Greece has won. They succeeded. They still remain into the Union.
Poor blind people, poor us. The others won, and they are laughing.
The stupid europeans haven’t still understood that the only way to exit from this slavery is only one: to kick our politicians out. They are the evil, they are the messengers of the Lords of the world and they support their masters. The only way to survive is to understand this, but I’m afraid that people will never understand this. All over the countries, expecially in Italy, the mainstream is too strong. It will never change, we will loose forever. Honor is due to the winners. Good luck to all of us!
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