Nothing will never change! Nothing, unfortunately.
The destiny of Italy is to be a slave country. It has been clear yesterday when Silvio Berlusconi has been absolved from the criminal offence related to the sex scandal of Rubi (Bunga bunga). The problem is not this (even if it’s the result of the laws that he made during his Government). The problem is why he has been absolved. The italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, would like to make deep changings into italian Constitution and Berlusconi is the chief of the other political party that would like to do the same (only the Movement 5 Stars would like to stop the destruction of our Bill of Rights, according to the illegal plan of Licio Gelli and the american and bad italian secret services). They will do it, unfortunately. They are destroying our country as it happened in Greece, selling all the public companies to private banks and international companies. We are going forward to a period in which we will pay for working (to mantain our jobs and our positions into the job market), without Rights, without a sure future, without political reference points, without reference models. This is a war and it seems to me that They are winning. I wish I’m wrong! 

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