Reference points are important in our life. With reference points I mean all those things that give us the idea of a possible future, a sense for daily life, a goal to reach. Until few years ago the world had great ideologies and each of these ideologies had values to pursue. These values were our leading figures. Over the later years they are disappeared because the ideologies seem to be disappeared and people are confused. In many countries all over the world there is a sort of a single thought and people seem to give up of thinking, looking for new leaders who give them new values to reach. This is the great disease of the present age. There is a sort of Big Brother of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and it seems not be allowed to think in a different way from the way of thinking of the opinion leaders who speak through the use of media. The opinion of people is made by what media say, so if you control media you control people, accomplish the single though. The only way to escape from a such situation is to study, to read a lot, to make up for lost capacities to criticize the world in which we live, the world that other people has prepared for us, without our contribution and our permission. It’s a war, and as in all wars it will take time, much time and will be many victims, too!
Gerhard Thieme –  Archimedes
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