And the winner is: The great beauty. I’m proud as Italian for this prize Oscar! Yes, I’m. However I’m conscious that the film by Sorrentino isn’t a masterpiece. Toni Servillo, the main actor, is one of the best italian actors of ever, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. The film talks about an image of Rome, my beautiful Rome, and about the style of life of some people, just few years ago, all told by Jep Gambardella, an italian journalist. The same style of life that the same people that are still today. So what is my problem with this film? The problem is that I think it is a bad copy of masterpieces of others directors, mainly Federico Fellini with his La dolce vita and Luis Buñuel with his Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie. All in one the film by Sorrentino would had been a mixture of the same topics that Fellini and Buñuel had talked about, without their brilliance. So, I’m sorry for the compatriot director but he would not have deserved the award, absolutely!
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