On an Italian newspaper, “Espresso”, recently Umberto Eco, the italian philosopher and writer, has written an article that is a letter to his nephew. Into the article he “talk” to his nephew about the importance of technology and of reminding things (poetry better than the names of football teams) as well. This caused a debate on internet in Italy, because some people accused Eco to be old and to do obvious remarks. Personally I don’t think so! It is true, in fact, that the risk of saying oratory things is high, however the cultural level of Italian children has become very poor in the last 20 years. I can say this both because I personally talk with some teenagers, sons and daughters of friends of mine, and because talking with another friend of mine who is a teacher, he told me that is very common to find children and teenagers very smart with technological instruments like smartphones or laptop, but completely unable to write something by themselves, with their own ideas. It is a relapse into illiteracy and is very serious in my opinion. I don’t know if in the other countries it is the same, but I find it dangerous for many reasons that, as I explained in a previous post. I would like to know what is the situation in other countries and what people thing about it.

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