We are still alive and this is a great success! 2012 is over, the Mayan prophecy is over and everybody has new hopes for the future. We could say that life is beautiful, yes, we could say it… if it were so, but life is just the explication of real events we could say with Hegel, so life is like yesterday, with the same problems, with the same difficulties, with the same big or tiny barriers to climb over. Humankind’s nature is always the same: great expectations, great hopes, great illusions. All that we can do is thinking in a positive way for the future, because we can’t do anything else. Nothing changed from the end of last year to now. The next one will be a very hard year all over the world and I think it will be crucial for everyone, in each country, to focus on the battle to fight against the new world order, set up by bankers and tycoons. The war that is taking place is a global war started some years ago and that will be fight during the next years to come: if they will win, there would be a massacre for the 99% of the population. It shouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be possible. French people usually say: “à la guerre comme à la guerre”, that means that we must fight for our goals until the end, because this is a war and nothing else. Being a good person doesn’t means that you should be patronising and sheepish, so the good aims for the new year are the same of the old one: there can be the only one at the end!

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