Graecia capta fervm victorem cepit
et artes intvlit agresti Latio;
Quintus Horatii Flacci, Epistulae, II, 156

La Grecia, conquistata [dai Romani], conquistò il feroce vincitore
e le arti portò nel Lazio agreste;
Quinto Orazio Flacco, Lettere, II, 156

Conquered Greece took captive her savage conqueror
and brought her arts into rustic Latium.
Horace, Epistles, II, 156

What a waste of heritage! What a waste of possibilities! What a waste of civilization! It isn’t possible that the mother of all of us, Europe and north America, is in a such condition today, because of the international financial speculation and because of the shortsightedness of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel! And yet, the German people is one of the most cultivated people on earth, a people who gave to the world many genii in all fields of knowledge and should well know the value of the roots of human kind! They should know that it s very dangerous let Culture be overcome by Economics!
I was really shocked by the declarations of the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, in a press conference during a French-Italian meeting, about Greece: he was talking about the situation of this country only considering the economic side of a people, with a such careless about the suffering people, showing how he is the butler of those international financial powers who are became the lords of the world.The only way to escape from the Crisis is to come back to our human roots, of civilization, of common values that are values of ancient Culture, that made Europe first and north America after the leading societies in the world. Saving greek people means save ourselves, our souls, and if clever people understand this will save themselves too!

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