On November 14, yesterday, has been held the first international strike of the 21st century and thousands of European citizens “invaded” the streets of several European cities, clashing with riot  police, as they demanded that governments stop cutting benefits and create more jobs. Not so bad at all! This means that people are becoming more critic against the status quo that other few people have decided for their future. This didn’t surprise me, referring to other countries like Spain, Greece or Portugal; what has been really surprising me it’s what happened in Italy! Infact my country hasn’t the habit to demonstrate against pre-established power, in the last 30 years for sure. It’s true that the strength ratio between the power of the State and people has changed, because once the political parties were the real buffer state between the Economic power and people, workers: now the Financial power is the Government, the State, however I have clear that the rebellion is not a trade mark of my fellow countrymen and countrywomen. Until now! I think that this period we are living is a war period, between different social status and that a conflict mediation is very difficult to be found. One of the three actors in play seems to be dead: the Politics. So the fate of the others two is to fight for their own interests, that are conflicting interests. “The stomach has no ears”, an ancient proverb says. And this is a true fact of life that too many seem to forget. Revenge against inequality and exploitation is the natural reaction of people, and the consequences could be violent, sometimes. A’ la guerre comme à la guerre French people say: so, let’s start to fight and the best team will win! (people). The worst has yet to come!
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