I have been asking myself during this period of Crisis what we could do to escape from this horrible situation. Being conscious of the power of so few people with such a huge amount of money, who give nothing to society, despite all this richness, I have been thinking about setting up a possible exit strategy. Finally I have understood that the solution is very simple, more than we could imagine: first of all, we forget that we are 99% of population; second, our politicians, in Italy for sure, are only the executive arm of the real owner of the power or the financial world; third, for governing a country qualified people are required. So, what is to be done? Paraphrasing Lenin, we could say! In my opinion a misunderstanding of the potential that civil power has is at the basis of our fears. We have much more power and qualifications for acting in civil society than we usually think. Have you ever thought about the fact that among us there are so many qualified people available to substitute all those people who lead our countries at this moment? We usually think that if those people govern us it should be because they are better than us: this isn’t necessarily true. On the contrary, most of the time, they are there because somebody has decided this, even if it seems they are leading the country because of an election. We should start thinking about another way to conceive the world we are living in. This world is ours: it’s just up to us to change the people who guide it. All of us, everybody with his own competence, can substitute those who are leading us into ruin. During each time of change the process has started as result of a reaction against a status quo and, those who have the power, have been using all their means to scare their contenders. I hope the time will soon come in which I hear the sentence: The King is dead. Long live the people!
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