There was a time in which Italy was well known as the Bel Paese; it was the time in which nice landscapes, good food, art and the quality of life had made the country of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Galileo, Fermi and many others, one of the best place where to desire to live. After the second world war Italy was a country full of hopes, activities and people had a future forward, making plans, doing new things, looking to a unknown destiny, nevertheless there was a large sense of fire inside the souls. It was a long time ago! After that period, a corrupted political class changed the future of this country forever, selling the future of next generations for a welfare state that was just increasing the public debt of the nation. It was 30 years ago, more or less, but now the present generation have to pay that bill! The generation of people that is too young to be retired  (40-60) if lose the job hasn’t possibilities to find a new one, and the young generation (20-30) hasn’t the possibility to go into the job market, because who is working have to do it until more than 70 years of age. In other words this is a country with no future, where the hopes haven’t possibilities to be realised and where politicians didn’t look forward to culture, to research, to the development of all that social components that are made for a country that is planning to live into the new millennium. Once upon a time there was a very pleasent country, Italy… no more today!
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