It’s very interesting to see how is going on the economic situation in these last months in Europe. Continuous attacks to the european currency, negative valutations on economy of each country, sistemic attacks on the titles of the european stocks. It seems like to partecipate to a funeral: the funeral of the Euro area. It’s very peculiar to examine how the situation is evolving like in 1992, more or less. Let’s try to see better the situation: it’s true that if the Euro will be destroyed it will be a big problem for the global economy, however it’s very simple in that moment to do shopping in countries that are crashed down. I know that many people could say that I’m a stupid thinking to a conspiracy of the strong anglo-american economic powers, but it’s of today the declaration of many of the biggest international banks about this possible scene. It’s also interesting to look after the way of thinking of the German leader, mrs Merkel: it could be convenient for her country to partecipate to this shopping party. It isn’t just a game played on the economic field: Draghi, Monti, Papademos are men who come from those strong powers I was talking about before. One of our oldest political leader, Giulio Andreotti, told one time: “Thinking bad it’s a sin, but it’s the truth, often”…
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