The last events in the economic international landscape have pointed out that is urgent a common policy of the states of the EU, most of all about financial matters and of foreign policy. It isn’t a pure case if in these last month there have been many attacks to the EU economy. A strong Europe would be a very hard opponent to the policies of China and Usa. I think that there isn’t time to delay this, no more. And I think that there isn’t a different way to escape from a such difficult situation for the main nations of Europe. The UK has done a different play, ever in partnership with the USA, and could be necessary to leave it alone, cause on the contrary it could be too late. An example of the problem of foreign policy could be the last war in Libia and the different positions that there are about the problem of the relationship between Israel and Palestina. On the other side, the continuous attacks against the european currency show the weakness  that is the target of the international economic power. It is useful for many of those to have an Europe not united that, on the contrary, could scare them. So it’s time for United States of Europe!
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