The meeting of the G20 leading economic nations in Cannes has just finished and the result that has came up from it is that Europe hasn’t a common leading in economical and political matters. The weakness of the EC has been evident in these last months. The continuous attacks to the economy of the ancient continent show the urgence of a change of finding a real political-economical union, ’cause this is the only way to allow to Europe to be safe from future attacks and would make true world leader. In a future world where the borders of the states will have less importance, because of new tecnologies allow to climb over them and because people is continuously travelling all over the world, exchanging knowlege and experiences will have importance to speak with only one language and to give only one answer to the inevitable conflicts. China, India, Brazil and Usa will not support our economy, our interests, because they well know that the market will not support all the nations that are growing up: it is inevitable, there isn’t space for a neverending economic growth and someone have to pay the price fot this. And for not mentioning about the foreign policy that is a real vulnus of our continent: we have had an example with the “holy war” against the “monster” Muammar Gaddafi. Every country had to fight against this unespected oppressor of his people, that had to be suddenly set free after years and years during whom nobody has seen nothing. It has been a run to grab oil, gas and others richness ot that country. Without mentioning the foreign policy that Italy has had with Libia in the last few years that has been just shameful due to Berlusconi and our foreign minister Frattini, what that comes up is that every european country have a different idea of those that should be the interests of the union: each one do its own foreign policy, each one looks after its own economical interest. The main problem is a cultural one: in the old continent it’s too much difficult to think about a common policy because too many ways of thinking and too many languages are the base of different histories and cultures. Many centuries of divisions and wars are the main reasons of this problem. Now is time to change, now is time to pass over these divisions if Europe want have a future in the next structure of the world otherwise the things can go only worse. There isn’t a different choice than the union.
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