In everybody’s life there are moments in which is very difficult but nevertheless necessary take decisions that could be very painful. Sometimes these decisions will change our life forever, sometimes will changes the life of other people, sometimes forward better conditions, sometimes forward worst ones.
There are moments in our life in which we ought to choice between our future life and our past: in the first case we could survive but give pain to others, like others gave pain to us; in the second case we’ll risk to suffer more and more, even to die! It is a moral matter and we could discuss for a long time if moral matter is a private theme or a public one. Everyone has an own story, own pains, own reasons for living or to give up, but there are moral matters that are a public question, a question of justice, a question of dignity of every human being. There are people who hurt others with or without bad intent, nevertheless they hurt indeed and is a moral question to prevent that this could happen again in future: so they must being stopped! If you were in the conditions to have your backs to the wall and you should choice if survive or die, what should you do? What is more important? To seem a correct person or to be a right one? To live or to risk to die? Sometime justice is more important than a politically correct form and you must be more realist than idealist. Good sentiments sometime are only for the sky, humans are for life.
If you think different, say why to whom is a risky of living person!
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