There was a place where I used to go since I was a child
It has been a place of beauty, where the silence was my friend and loneliness was my woman
I’ve learnt over the years to open the door of that place just to a few
‘cause I’ve understood that there are places too fragile to allow to everybody to walk over
It is a place where I’ve collected all my treasures, accumulated with patience, one after one, while time was going by
I’ve spent all my strength to build it like a kingdom
sometimes making mistakes, sometimes waiting for a better time to put inside something of value
I’ve grown it up like a baby, and like a baby it gave to me joy and pain
I’ve been waiting to see it grown up like an adult
After so many years I’ve thought it was the moment to open it’s door for the great day
The day I’ve always dreamed, since I was a child
The day in which it should not have been for my eyes only
The day in which all those years that I spent to collect all those treasures should have had a sense
I trusted you, I opened wide that door, I gave all my treasures to you, without if and without but
It was the last time in which I’ve been into that place
Nobody else have been there: now it’s completely empty! There are no more treasures, no more memories, no more hopes, no more wishes

There was a place where I used to go since I was a child: that place was my soul.

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