A momentary lapse of reason is that we’re living in this period. It’s a short period if we compare it with the age of capitalism; it’s very long if we think to the starting period, in 2000 more or less. The “indignados” are rising up all over the world today, nevertheless they should have been some years ago, when the way we are running now started. At the end of 2008 I remember was clear that that system that was the very easy living had to fall down. People thought that it were just a short period of crisis instead of the start of a very long walk on the brink of the precipice.
When the root of a house is not stable, the walls will fall down. The only way to think about a possible future in a crisis period is thinking with imagination that’s more important than knowledge said A. Einstein, and where this imagination can bring us? I think very far. Is it possible to think to a future with a root into the past and walls forwards to the future. The root are all those values that our world has given away in the name of the progress, of the economy, of money: in other words solidarity, equity, justice and sense of shame not without culture, research, curiosity for the new. The age of technique and technology has killed the age of humanism: we should retrieve values that are the mile stone of our civilization. We should wake up from this momentary lapse of reason!
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