Should be the time of the changing for Europe. Should be the time of thinking about the future to choose. The next elections in Greece will be the deadline for saving Europe from its devastating break up. It’s clear that Europe is under fire by the financial speculative powers. The “PIIGS” countries, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are continually under attack. In a such situation what leave me astonished is the behaviour and what they say of all the politicians and economists: they speak about Markets, about Banks to save, about differences between italian and spanish banks, about all those things they seem believe to be the real focus of the problem… They seem not understand that all of us are part of a play much more big than we can imagine. They seem not understand that all our economy is based on the speculation of few people and that we have permitted this system of money created out from nothing, by these few people (bankers and financers). It’s very interesting to have a look on movies like this to understand some working processes of the international funding, and this isn’t an obsessive search for supposedly hidden motives behind events or behind people’s actions, but simply a view over the way other people say to us how the things must go on, under their rules. I’m used to think that, how Aristotle said, man is by nature a political animal and for this reason men should take the control of their life, again. The only way to do it is with the political action. Europe needs of its union, under one real Parliament, with one Government and one voice. I don’t think that the politicians that we have now are able to make this changement and the good push forward this direction could come from the popular moviments, like ‘5 stars’ in Italy, or the ‘pirates’ in Germany, or the ‘indignados’ in Spain, or like ‘occupy Wall street’ in Usa. After the elections in Greece, next Sunday, a divide will take place: there isn’t time to delay this kind of political path otherwise the strong powers will win and there won’t be future for the ancient continent and for all the people who want be free, all over the world!
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