Unfortunately nobody can help Italy to save itself! This is what I think about my country in this historical moment. I say this because analyzing this country from different points of view it’s destiny is written, or has been written from a long time. I have written many times about this topic, but looking just now to the different social partners that lead the main sectors of our civil life, from politics to the industrial managers, from the journalists to the cultural leader class, from the trade union to the common people nobody seems to have a real vision of the situation: this is a dead country. Foolish politics of the past apart, there aren’t new ideas, there isn’t the real will to change, everything is always the same and there are a lot of unfruitful discussions about the same problems: this is an old country with no future! It’s sad to talk about the own country in this way, anyway it’s realistic. When people talk about economy, about solutions to the crisis, about how to perk up the job market, is talking about the same old things, without a point of view on the future. It’s too late to change now years of wrong way to live, thinking that somebody else would have paid the bill. That moment has arrived, but nobody has the right money to pay!
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